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We offer several payment plan options

All display cases come with a clear acrylic faceplate, are easy to assemble, are made of industrial grade 1/2 inch thick acrylic and are able to handle the demands of weights placed on them as well as allow for optimal viewing from all angles. There are three size display cases available to start, Standard, Large and Extra Large. Dimensions on these display cases are: 

  • All display cases are made of ½” clear acrylic on four sides, the back side is made of ½” thick white acrylic
  • All cases are designed to handle several hundred pounds of weight
  • All display cases come with a clear acrylic face plate (cover) to keep out dust
  • All cases cane be interlocked together for increased stability 
  • All display cases come with a double-sided lightbox base
  • All displays can be secured to each other horizontally



Legendary Displays are designed to lock together seamlessly. Proportions shown are approximate for illustration purposes. View actual dimensions below or visit the product page for more info.

Dimensions for the Giant SHO-OFF Display:

  • Outside: 35″L x 48″H x 30″D
  • Inside: 35″L x 43.5″H x 29″D

Visit the product page for more info.

Premium SHO-OFF

Large Display Case (Figures not included)

Large Display Case (Figures not included)

Dimensions 36″L x 30″H x 24″D / 914.4mm x 609.6mm x 762mm
Inside dimensions 35″L x 29.5″H x 23″D

Visit the product page for more info.

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